History of Resident Evil box art

We peruse the covers of the Resident Evil series

Join us as we chart the history of the Resident Evil series via the visual medium of Resident Evil box art, from 1996 to 2012. Along the way we will discover many fascinating things and make many artistic observations. You might learn something. You might not. But one thing's for sure, by the end you will have seen 30 different Resident Evil box arts.

Resident Evil | 1996

A sort of Rorschach print of spiders, faces, and chicken feet, with series stalwart Chris Redfield in the middle of it all. The horrors have given Chris a nasty case of crazy eye. Note Chris buff, Rambo-esque, vein-popping physique here.

Resident Evil 2 | 1998

Distinctly different territory variations on a half-a-face-and-the-colour-black theme. The US face feels softer and has an almost playful, cat-like appearance. The UK face looks as though its been dipped in battery acid and dragged back-and-forth along a cheese grater for several hours. In black and white.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis | 1999

While the previous covers kept their respective terrors shrouded with a degree of mystery, Resi 3 practically punches your eyes in the face by putting its hulking Nemesis enemy front and centre. From the moment you first see the cover, its clear this hulking great peeled American footballer of a stitched-together kebab-meat mountain of a monster is what youre up against.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica | 2000

Here we see a computer rendered Claire and Chris Redfield not looking particularly terrified or even very bothered to be at the centre of another zombie-based disaster. Note how Chris has shunned his earlier buff, Rambo-esque, vein-popping physique in favour of something else.

Resident Evil Survivor | 2000

The US box art shows protagonist Ark Thompson with a piercing gaze and an expression of grim-faced determination, ready for the insurmountable odds stacked against him. In the background some hellish demon spawn wears a sickening grin. The UK box art has a gun and some bullets.

Resident Evil Gaiden | 2001

Blood-smeared ship life ring may not have a fringe, but it has more impact than rubbish looking cartoon person who is actually Leon S. Kennedy.

Resident Evil | 2002

Here we see the UK box art choose a subtle yet striking design to smartly convey the series signature mood and tone with an image evoking a sense of unsettling horror. In stark contrast, the US cover opts for an image of Jill Valentine fighting a zombie to show that the game is about fighting zombies.

Resident Evil Zero | 2002

Check out Billy Coen on this cover. He may be a relative bit-part player on the Resi stage, but of all the series many characters, none have a face that says I want to kick zombies in the head and then go dancing with the ladies quite like Billys.

Resident Evil: Dead Aim | 2003

Resident Evil characters dont come much more obscure than Fong Ling and Bruce McGivern. This is them. Trivia: Bruce McGivern actually has blonde--not orange--hair.


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