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Thrall, Shaman

The Shaman’s ability to summon Totems and the various buffs he can endow his minions with gives him plenty to work with to set up strong attacks. The Totems play a huge role in his success granting other minions various buffs.

He also has cards with an Overload ability, essentially allowing him to cast powerful spells at a low mana cost at the price of a reduced mana pool for the following turn. If you’re playing as the Shaman, you’ll want to get those Totems on the board as swiftly as possible. If you’re playing against him, keep them off the board--once they start building up, it’ll be much harder to start getting rid of his minions.

Essential Cards:

Bloodlust A spell that gives your minions +3 attack for the turn the card is played. Particularly useful if there are Totems on the board.

Rockbiter Weapon Gives a friendly character +3 attack for the turn the card is played. The Shaman can use this to attack an opponent or minion directly, but note that he will take damage, or it can be used to buff a minion on the board. This card is advantageous if you spy any opposing minions that are starting to look like a threat.

Fire Elemental A solid Shaman-only minion with a battlecry that deals 3 damage and it only costs 6 mana crystals! A must-have minion for your deck.

Gul'dan, Warlock

The Warlock has an army of demon minions at his disposal and the risky Life Tap Hero Power that allows him to draw a card in exchange for 2 damage to his life gauge. The minions he can summon cost little mana but to offset this, their battlecries usually have a negative effect for the Warlock but there are ways to minimise the impact.

When considering playing a card that will make you discard another in your hand at random, be sure to use any card that you perceive to be too valuable to lose before doing so where possible.

Essential Cards:

Flame Imp A 3/2 minion for the bargain basement price of 1 mana crystal. The catch? His battlecry will hack off 3 of your life points. If you’re going all out early game, the penalty is worth the low cost of the summon.

Soulfire A great card to play early to mid-game, it has no cost and only requires you to discard a random card in exchange for 4 points of damage to your opponent or their minions.

Mortal Coil This spell card deals 1 damage for the cost of 1 mana crystal. The upshot is that if it kills a minion, you can draw a card, so very useful early on when it’s feasible to wipe out minions with low HP.

Hellfire This is a spell card that deals 3 damage to all character--both heroes and minions alike. Hellfire is a great AoE card that can potentially wipe the board clean during the early game.

Garrosh Hellscream, Warrior

Kitted out to the gills with weapons, armour and a mass of high powered minions, the Warrior is one tough cookie. Many of his minions have abilities that increase their attacks as they take damage, so make use of spells that cause damage to all minions on the board. Be sure to make the most of the armour stacking because the Warrior is unable to heal. This deck requires you to play hard and fast to win.

Essential Cards:

Kor’kron Elite A 4/3 4-drop, this minion has the Charge ability allowing you to immediately strike with 4 points of damage as soon as he slides onto the board.

Whirlwind This spell deals 1 damage to all minions on the board and as such can be used to trigger minion’s abilities that rely on them taking damage to activate. For example, the Acolyte of Pain will allow you to draw a card every time it takes damage.

Execute This spell card allows you to destroy a damaged minion and is therefore a staple of the Warrior deck as causing damage the board over is your speciality. Even if an enemy minion has taken a single point of damage (from Whirlwind for example), you can flourish this card and get rid of even the mightiest of foes.

Battle Rage Battle Rage allows you to draw a card for each damaged friendly minion on the board and as such can provide a huge card advantage if you have a few less than perky fiends on the board.

Shield Block For the cost of 3 mana crystals, you can gain 5 armour with this spell card. Synergise with Shield Slam and your Hero Power to turn this defensive card into an offensive spell.

Shield Slam This spell will let you deal 1 damage to a minion for each armour you have. Use your hero power to your advantage and top up with Shield Block to gather enough points to remove pesky enemy minions with higher HPs from the board.

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  • ithurtstopoop - May 7, 2014 10:10 p.m.

    Great guide. I had no idea hearthstone was that intense
  • GoldenEagle1476 - May 8, 2014 3:25 p.m.

    Yeah it's surprisingly deep. If you're starting out I would recommend watching Trump or Reynad on Twitch. They're both top players and a lot can be learned from watching them.
  • ithurtstopoop - May 8, 2014 10:27 p.m.

    thanks. with this awesome guide as well there's no way I can fail. time to kick some butt

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