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Uther the Lightbringer, Paladin

The Paladin can heal, buff and shield his minions making him something of a pain in the bum to play against. Silencing minions or clearing them out before they can all start buffing each other with a fervour that would make Daniel-san green with envy is key when facing Uther. When you’re playing as Uther, get buffing!

Essential Cards:

Blessing of Kings A Paladin-specific spell that gives a minion a +4/+4 buff. To get the most out of the new stats, grant the buff to a minion who’s ready to rock and roll and cause some carnage, or you’ll risk losing the opportunity to use the bolstered stats to an opponent who isn’t playing silly buggers and is ready to strip your minions of buffs and clear them off the board as fast as possible.

Consecration Deals 2 damage to all enemies which is no small feat by any means! This card can easily wipe a significant number of the enemy off the board. Synergise by using this in tandem with Equality to clear the board.

Equality This Paladin-only spell changes the health of all minions to 1. Follow up with Consecration and the enemy minions will be dropping like flies.

Truesilver Champion Whenever the Paladin attacks, the card restores 2 of his health. A good healing card to compliment the Paladin’s playstyle and therefore essential to the deck.

Anduin Wrynn, Priest

The focus of the Priest is predominantly on healing and he uses a mixture of light and dark abilities to boost the HP of his minions and cause some serious damage with offensive spells. One strategy is to keep healing and buffing minions until your opponent runs out of cards, then initiate the beat down with dark spells and turning their minions against them.

Essential Cards:

Mind Control At the cost of a whopping 10 mana crystals, this spell card will let you take control of an enemy minion. This is to be used when you’re in for the long haul and there are powerful enemy threats on the board. Otherwise, it’s not a great deal of use comparative to the cost.

Northshire Clerics A no-brainer for the Priest’s deck, this minion allows you to draw a card whenever another minion is healed. To this end, don’t just play it from your had willy nilly as it will definitely draw your opponent’s attention . Wait until you actually need to heal a minion before adding it to the board.

Power Word: Shield A low cost card at 1 mana crystal, that gives a minion +2 health and allows you to draw a card. You’d be foolish to leave this out of your deck.

Shadow Word: Death This card is as magnificent as it sounds. It’s a fairly low cost card that you can use mid to late game to destroy a minion with an attack of 5 or more. Don’t leave home without it.

Shadow Word: Pain Another jolly sounding card that will serve you well in the early game, this spell will destroy a minion with an attack of 3 or less.

Valeera Sanguinar, Rogue

Valeera can play cards on the cheap cheap and some of them cost absolutely diddly squiddle to use. She is one of the few heroes that can use a weapon and she can utilise combo cards for nifty chain attacks.

Essential Cards:

Backstab A zero cost card that deals 2 damage to an unscathed minion and therefore ideal for the early game to clear minions off the board at no cost.

Blade Flurry Destroys the Rogue’s weapon and deals its damage to all enemy minions. Magnify the fallout of this card by using it in tandem with a card that boosts weapon damage (Deadly Poison) or a weapon with fairly high stats (Assassin’s Blade) for extra damage.

Assassin’s Blade A Rogue-specific weapon that can be used as a weapon outright (if your health can withstand being chipped away), or with Blade Flurry to potentially clear enemy minions off the board. If you plan on using the former tactic, be sure to buff it with the Deadly Poison spell.

Deadly Poison A low cost mana card that boosts the attack stat of your weapon by 2 points. Use it with Blade Flurry to inflict extra damage on all enemy minions or with Assassin’s Blade to strike fear into the heart of your opponent--if there’s any room after you’ve rammed a buffed blade in there.

Assassinate For a mere 5 mana crystals, you can have any minion disposed of. This card is a necessity and best saved for mid to late game.

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  • ithurtstopoop - May 7, 2014 10:10 p.m.

    Great guide. I had no idea hearthstone was that intense
  • GoldenEagle1476 - May 8, 2014 3:25 p.m.

    Yeah it's surprisingly deep. If you're starting out I would recommend watching Trump or Reynad on Twitch. They're both top players and a lot can be learned from watching them.
  • ithurtstopoop - May 8, 2014 10:27 p.m.

    thanks. with this awesome guide as well there's no way I can fail. time to kick some butt

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