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  • Harry Potter for Kinect Achievement List

    Entry location: Achievements
    Potions Pro (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Potions Class

    Charms Champion (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Charms Class

    Troll Trouncer (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Troll Battle

    Superb Seeker (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Quidditch Match - Seeker

    Quirrell Quasher (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in The Philosopher's Stone Chamber

    Pixie Pesterer (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Cornish Pixies

    Greenhouse Guru (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Mandrake Repotting

    Definitive Dueller (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Duelling Club

    Basilisk Basher (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in The Chamber Of Secrets

    Willow Whiz (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in The Whomping Willow

    Rat Remover (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Catch Scabbers

    Dementor Defeater (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Battle The Dementors

    Stellar Swimmer (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Triwizard Tournament Second Task

    Maze Master (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Triwizard Tournament Third Task

    Hangleton Hero (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Harry vs Voldemort Duel

    D.A. Defender (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Room of Requirement

    Veil Room Victor (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Ministry of Magic Death Eater Battle

    Ministry Maestro (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Dumbledore vs Voldemort Duel

    Quality Keeper (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Quidditch Match - Keeper

    Inferi Interceptor (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in The Locket Horcrux

    Potter Precluder (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Snape vs Harry Duel

    Café Contender (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Luchino Caffe Duel

    Vault Voyager (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Journey to the Lestrange Vault

    Bridge Bester (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Destroy the Bridge

    Snake Slayer (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Nagini Battle

    Voldemort Vanquisher (15)
    Ranked 5 stars in Voldemort Finale

    Casual Conqueror (15)
    Completed the Casual Difficulty Mode

    Advanced Ace (50)
    Completed the Advanced Difficulty Mode

    Year One (20)
    Completed Year 1

    Year Two (20)
    Completed Year 2

    Year Three (20)
    Completed Year 3

    Year Four (20)
    Completed Year 4

    Year Five (20)
    Completed Year 5

    Year Six (20)
    Completed Year 6

    Year Seven (20)
    Completed Year 7

    Star Collector (30)
    Ranked 5 stars in all games

    Challenge Mode Casual (15)
    Completed the Casual Challenge Mode

    Challenge Mode Advanced (30)
    Completed the Advanced Challenge Mode

    Challenge Mode Extreme (50)
    Completed the Extreme Challenge Mode

    Character Collector (50)
    Unlocked all playable characters

    Dueling Demon (30)
    Won all blackboard dueling groups

    Potion Perfectionist (40)
    Completed all blackboard potions classes

    Super Spell-caster (15)
    Practiced all blackboard spells

    Multiplayer Master (10)
    Played all multiplayer games

    Daring Dodger (30)
    Won all blackboard dodging games

    Song Specialist (10)
    Listened to all the Sorting Hat's songs

    Burning Day Bystander (10)
    Saw Fawkes burst into flames

    Duelling Dervish (25)
    Defeated all possible opponents in blackboard duels

    Ultimate Unlocker (50)
    Unlocked all blackboard games

    Familiar Face (10)
    Scanned your face
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