Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - hands-on

There are 16 spells in total - some, like Incendio, can set things alight and are useful for finding secrets around the school, while there are also spells and hexes to cast in combat. The PS3 spell-casting works in a similar way - you might not be able to wave the controller like a wand, but you can still draw in the air to cast spells with the Sixaxis. It can be tricky pulling off the spell you want and right now, the PS3 controller is actually working better.

Hogwarts is the star of the game, though - it looks beautiful on every console, and there’s so much to discover. The Great Staircase is authentic down to its missing steps and paintings leading to secret passageways, and you come across all sorts of locations from the books, such as Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom and Hagrid’s hut. Exploring it all and casting spells on items to unlock even more secrets is exactly what we wanted from a Harry Potter game - and that’s what Order of the Phoenix is looking like it will deliver.


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