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Hardcore 4 x 4 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Hardcore 4 x 4 Cheats

  • Some Cheats

    In time trial mode, enter these driver names:
    RAINFROG = Switch the weather to daytime severe and it will rain frogs!
    DUTCHMAN = Go to the credit screen and get ready to play ROIDS!
    MAINLINE = Gets you the truck called 'Mother'
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  • All Trucks

    At the main menu type in hctrucks
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  • New Truck

    On time trial mode, enter your name as MAINLINE and then go back to select a black truck called Mother, which has full suspension, etc. If you've done it correctly, one of the programmer's faces appears at the top right of the screen. You can use this truck in any of the race modes.
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  • Roids

    On time trial mode, type your name as DUTCHMAN and then go back to the Hardcore 4x4 screen and then to options. Go to credits to play Roids.
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  • Raining Frogs

    In timetrial mode type your name as RAINFROG. Then select weather as daytime severe and it'll rain frogs.
    Submitted by Chris Cook (

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