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Hard Truck 2 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Hard Truck 2 Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Using cheat codes to play a game is an unsupported modification. Technical
    Support cannot answer questions relating to their use. Cheat codes are developed
    and used by game programmers for debugging purposes. They are provided by
    popular request and are "as is".
    Basic cheats-
    Make a back up of the CONFIG.CFG file in "C:\Program Files\Hard Truck 18
    Edit the CONFIG.CFG file in "C:\Program Files\Hard Truck 18 Wheels\game\usr\"
    In the CONFIG file, look for the line "uset g_console" and change the 0 to a 1
    This enables the game console.
    Save the CONFIG.CFG file.
    Run HT18WoS.
    In the game, press the ~ (tilde) key to display the console. Type the following
    cheats (do not include the quotation marks).
    "Cheat truck x" changes the truck. X is 1-7. The default truck in the West and Midwest is 2, the default truck in the Mountains is 1. the default truck 7 is the Indy Car
    "Cheat skill X" changes your rating. X is 1-4.
    "Cheat money x" allows you to set the amount of money you have. X is the dollar
    Press ~ to close the console.
    Submitted by steven neubauer
  • Tips and Things You Need To Know

    First when you start out (with a trailer of coarse) you should remember to not turn sharply cause it will sometimes damage to the trailer and your rig (truck) and the trailer will be disconect. Next NEVER go over 50mph the highest speed you should go is 50 cause the police watch you driving outside of town so don't go high in speed or up to $10,000 can be taken away from you.
    Submitted by steven neubauer
  • Various Cheats

    After pausing the game put in one of the following codes
    winalottery - Get Money & license
    openallroads - Get all Roads
    hardtruckisthebest - Get Money & license
    advancedmap - See hidden containers on map view
    fillup - Unlimited fuel
    minesoff - Get rid of mines
    Submitted by Rayn
  • No cost for fixing damage!

    All you do is when you have damage on your truck press Back space and your damage will
    be fixed with no charge!!
    Submitted by Rayn
  • Get free Recovery

    Press Ctrl + 5
    Submitted by GrApE sNaKe
  • Thruster Info

    Ctrl + 1 Forward
    Ctrl + 2 Backward
    Ctrl + 3 Up
    Ctrl + 4 Down
    Submitted by GrApE sNaKe

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