Hands-on with Gran Turismo HD Concept

Above: It's hard not to gaze in awe at the mountainside - but you should be concentrating!

Corner one: S-bend right into left
Immediately after the jump, hug the left edge of the tarmac, before touching on the anchors at about this point. Ease on the brakes slowly to prevent locking up, only releasing once you've entered the mouth of the corner. Let your speed carry you halfway around, keeping close to the gravel trap, before getting back on the accelerator and pulling the car across to the right side.

If you've tucked yourself across properly, you'll be in perfect shape to zip into the second bend. Use the throttle all the way into the corner, before stepping off and drifting around, again close to the gravel trap on the outside edge. Balance the car with the accelerator before powering out of the corner the second it starts to open up.


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