Hands-on with Gran Turismo HD Concept

Above: Nailing the time trial record isn't difficult but this section is a killer

Corner seven: S-bend and right hander
This is the crucial section on the course, comprising of a tight uphill S-bend leading into an uneven sweeping right turn. Speed into the corner sitting centrally on the road, then ease gently on the brakes at this point, but don't drop too much speed yet. Carefully guide your car through the middle of the S-bend, keeping the brakes on all the way.

Once you crest the hill, use a short burst of throttle to pull you into the next bend. It's easy to turn early or late here - the best tactic is simply to keep to the middle, carving around the corner. Once you see the exit, drift left, clip the trailing edge of the corner and power on across the finish line. Easy.


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