HaloRadar: Halocide

Brian K (LoD Black Havoc):

"A friend and I were fooling around with Forge at 3AM, the night Halo 3 was released. I was messing with fusion cores and grav lifts for no purpose on Highground. My goal was to use grav lifts to launch a mongoose on top of the bridge that’s covered with fusion cores. The cores were to blow up sending the goose flying. That is not what happened.

I got the goose to land on the cores but they never blew up. So, my goose rolled off the top of the bridge and down the hill. It landed upside down and bucked me off. I was heading towards rockets when suddenly... I died. I had to go back and watch what happened. After the goose hit the ground, I watched a fusion core slowly roll off the top of the bridge and landed behind the goose. The core blew up and propelled the mongoose into my body. Thus creating a suicide. Enjoy. (Not staged)"

Think you can do any better? Prove it. Kill yourself... then hit us up at


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