HaloRadar: Halocide

Tis true, sometimes Halocide is unintentional. But what are you gonna do? There's no "You Committed Involuntary Manslaughter" or "You had a Whoopsy-Daisy" prompt. The Halo Gods care not of these things. No matter how accidental or homicidal the intent, any form of self inflicted death is regarded as plain old suicide. But that doesn’t make the results any less entertaining.

Skyllus vBi:

"I sight a guy across the map and line up the sniper shot on his head. As I pulled the trigger, I fell over dead. I blinked a few times, spun the camera around looking for enemies, then sat in silence for a few seconds before quietly proclaiming to arCtiC in private chat 'I just shot myself with a sniper.' He tried to argue with me that bullet bounce of walls all the time (something which I knew), but immediately afterward I took us into Theater to view the suicide. 

We laughed for a good 5 minutes straight before I started uploading the video to the internet.  It was on Bungie Favorites and has been viewed well over 500,000 times between all of the sites it has been posted on. Bungie has also rewarded me with the Recon Armor, an exclusive armor permutation (pictured below) available only to staff and special community members."

Unfortunately, that sought after Recon armor turned poor Skyllus vBi into the target of numerous hackers. His Xbox Live account has been infiltrated on more than one occasion, the armor also stolen. Skyllus was a little reluctant to talk about the ordeal. Understandable, as it's been pretty well publicized, and it would seem that any exposure only increases the appeal to potential hijackers. So to those assholes out there: Skyllus hasn’t gotten the armor back - leave him the hell alone!


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