HaloRadar: Halo 3's Greatest Artists

Without a doubt, this is the pinnacle of achievement in Halo 3 art. This is the piece that proved the phenomenon was even possible.

If you think all you're seeing is a simple face, look closer. What appear to be lines and curves are actually Warthogs, Mongeese and Scorpion tanks. What appears to be a picture hanging in mid air is, in reality, a trick of perception and depth, as every one of those vehicles and weapons is firmly on the ground. What appears to be a generic sketch is, in fact, a carefully planned self-portrait of the creator.

To learn more about how this image was created, and see more images, head to the artist'sFlickr pageor readhis storyon Wired.com. And if you think you can match or even top his work, send us an example at halo@gamesradar.com.