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Taking place on a foreign crash-landing, Exile stands proud as one of Halo 4’s largest maps, catering specifically to vehicular combat and multiplayer objective modes. It’s completely asymmetrical, and actually looks like a donut from above, featuring a canyon path around the map, with a base stuck directly in the middle for some up-close gameplay. Like Complex, players will want to come equipped with ranged weapons, and should keep their eyes peeled for power weapons thrown throughout the map. It’s also a map that can feature a considerable amount of random weapon drops.

Power Weapons

Sniper Rifle x 2
Both snipers are located in each team’s initial spawn points. They lie adjacent to each other on the map and are elevated by a hill.

Rocket Launcher
The rocket launcher rests on the other side of the banshee’s spawn, near the central facility’s opening walkway.

Other Weapons

Random Drop Weapons 


Gauss Warthog
The gauss warthog’s spawn is located at one end of the map at one of the team’s spawn points. It rests by another warthog in front of a green canopy.

The banshee is located up on a ridge on one side of the map depending on which spawn you begin at. There is a path that leads up to the banshee located just under its spawn point. 

Warthog x 2
Mongoose x 2
Ghost x 2

Gameplay Tips

As massive as Exile is, it’s still a battle-friendly map; whether you’re in vehicles or not, you’ll always be apart of the action. As we alluded to, ranged weapons should always be equipped, and if you’re not in a vehicle, you should be using the edge of the map for advancing throughout the premise.

If you’re more vehicle oriented, remember to always keep moving as the Gauss Warthog and Banshee can quickly take out foes without hesitation. Nearly every ability can also be put to great use, aside from Promethean Vision because you’ll likely have enemies constantly in your line of sight. Hologram is a fantastic choice especially if you’re trying to evade being seen by a vehicle when running from point to point. 

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