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Vortex rounds out our list of the 10 Halo 4 core multiplayer maps. Vortex is a large-scaled, big-team battle-focused map with a number of walkways and camping positions for riflemen to enjoy. Vortex itself is an ancient remnant that lies in the middle of the map, hanging far above the centre valley. Vehicles are widely available in each team’s bases but may not be vital for success, though we suspect that the Rocket Warthog in the middle of the map will be a priority for many to get ahold of.

Power Weapons

Sticky Detonator x 2
The two sticky detonators lie apart from each other, one on one side of the map and the second on the other side. Both are on higher ground that can be reached by a main pathway.

Other Weapons

Needler x 2
Sniper Rifle x 2
Random Drop Weapons


Rocket Warthog
The rocket warthog is located underneath the map’s main structure, which lies in the middle of the map.

The wraith is located on the pathway that leads into the map’s main structure. It’s parked near a ridge racing towards the large building. 

Ghost x 3
Warthog x 2
Mongoose x 3
Turret x 3

Gameplay Tips

Vehicles, Vehicles, Vehicles, oh my. As we stated, you may feel the need to jump into a vehicle from the get go, but it’s certainly not vital. We had an abundance of success hugging the rocks on one side of the map, which is elevated from the ground. There you can find some great camping spots and can enter the Vortex building itself. Unlike Exile, Vortex doesn’t feature a vast amount of power weapons (random drop weapons usually fix that), so if you’re not in a vehicle stay clear from the valley underneath the large structure, and focus your attention on enemies trudging up the edge you’re on. 

So there you have it - all 10 Halo 4 core maps covered in full details. Come launch day, we hope that our guide offers you some knowledge as to the layout of each map, and what you can expect from a gameplay perspective. 

Now that you all are battling it out online, though, we must ask: what’s been your favourite change or addition to Halo 4’s multiplayer? Let us know by commenting below. Happy shooting, friends!

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