Halo 3: The Review Experience

Today's the day you finally get your hands on Halo 3. Excited?

Now imagine how we felt three weeks ago. In order to give journalists plenty of time to research and write their reviews, Microsoft invited us to play the game way ahead of schedule. For two days straight. In creator / developer Bungie's offices, the hallowed home of the entire Halo trilogy.

Sound unbelievably cool? It was. Don't hate, though, because we were thinking of you - our dear readers - the entire time. We even snapped the following sneaky photos of our trip so you could experience it vicariously through us. Next time, we promise we'll try to hide you in the suitcase...

Above: Master Chief ponders his slow but sure transformation into a soulless marketing brand. And no, the vending machine was not full of delicious, pwn-enhancing Game Fuel... just regular Mountain Dew for Bungie's visitors.