Halo 3: Remembered

Breaking news: Halo 3 is out right now! You already knew that? Well then here, check out this quick Digital Short we made poking fun at Master Chief, Microsoft's unstoppable hype-o-matic machine and the perils of senility. Watch as a man of questionable age looks back on his time as a Space Marine as he questions everything you thought you knew about The Great Covenant War I. (Not the official title.)

It's a parody of the "Believe: An Old Fart Recollects" video that came out a few weeks ago and we felt that it lent it self extremely well to tasteless jokes about elderly veterans. Damned if we weren't wrong. We shot it a while ago, but figured we'd go ahead and toss it up now while Halo 3 is still on the fickle cusp of relevance. Seriously, are you guys still playing that game?*

Above: Halo, my baby. Halo, my honey. Halo, my ragtime gal...

* This article was written, quite hypocritically, in between Teamslaying on Construct and staving off Infection on Guardian. We kid the Halo.


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