Halo 3 is a love story

Normal difficulty level is for wussies...

Confession: We've never played the first two Halos on anything tougher than the default setting. And why should we, when the special Heroic dialogue and the special Legendary ending are so easily available on the web?

Yes, we're lazy... and we're willing to bet the majority of you are too.

So imagine our shock and surprise (and perhaps a little fear?) upon discovering the recommendation shown in the menu screen below. "The way Halo was meant to be played"?! What the heck does that mean?

Frank O'Connor - Writing Lead, Bungie Studios: "If you're even halfway good at Halo 2, then play on Heroic. Not just because it's more challenging, but because it's more interesting. You'll see more enemies, more vehicles, more weapons and better use of equipment. Heroic is more densely packed with encounters and action. It's the 'correct' way to play. Although a lot of thought went into Easy and Normal, a lot of love and passion went into Heroic... And obviously copious amounts of evil went into Legendary. But that's another story."


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