Halo 3 is a love story

You've already played the last mission...

No, not today. Not yesterday. Not this month. Actually, you knew how it felt to beat Halo 3 nearly six years ago... when you beat Halo 1.

Take a look at the screen below.

Remember that? Sure you do. Now watch the video below.

Look familiar? Yup, it's practically the same damn thing. Both games rip the guns out of your grip at the very end and simply ask you to drive a Warthog from Destination A to Destination B.

Don't get us wrong. We appreciate the homage to the trilogy's origins. The last mission of Halo 3 is even titled "Full Circle," so it's not like they didn't warn us. I suppose we just felt the climax of the epic, decades-long war between humans and Covenant would involve a bit more... dunno, fighting?