Halo 3 beta: The fanboy's verdict

2. It rocks, visually
Not that you’ll be sparing much time looking at the scenery, but graphically, Halo 3 multiplayer is astounding. The grass, the dust, the snow. The lighting, the reflections, the level of detail. The explosion of Rocket and Hog and the ricochet of Spikes from a Brute Grenade. Everything feels so freakin’ tough and solid. You’ll like it here, you’ll feel like a bad-ass here and you’ll want to check out every last pixel of each of the maps in case you miss something.

Hit the service pipe tunnel on the right side of High Ground for a surprise sneak attack, or watch dead bodies float down stream on Valhalla. Listen to the sirens scream as the turrets warm up on the edge of Snowbound. Every inch of it, dripping in quality.


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