Halo 3 beta: The fanboy's verdict

4. The new X button
Bungiesaid the function of the X button would totally change the way you play Halo 3 and boy were they right. These are our new toys and what we like to do with them:

The Bubble Shield: Lure an enemy inside after chucking a grenade or two for a devastating controlled explosion.

The Power Drainer: Cause serious mechanical problems to fleeing ATV’s as they drive through its static field. Hilarious.

The Trip Mine: Laying this huge explosive on the ground hoping someone will drive over it seems an incredible waste. We prefer to launch it from one of the Man Cannon’s on Valhalla!

The Grav Lift: If you’ve got a Warthog on your tail, drop one of these and watch it fly! Clean up the bad guys as they fall from the sky.