Halloween 3D shut down

Were you getting excited at the thought of another Halloween film, this time in shiny 3D? Looks like you'll be waiting a bit longer.

According to Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood, The Weinstein Company has just shoved the brakes on pre-production of the latest Halloween film, citing the fact that A) the team is running low on funds and B) Bob Weinstein thought it was "rushing too fast."

What, getting it moving in November and trying to finish by January so Lussier can work on other projects? Surely not!

And yes, the slightly disappointing box office returns (even with its relatively tight budget) for Halloween II didn't help.

So while we're sure they'll push ahead with more Michael Myers, it likely won't happen until later next year.

But to soothe your troubled brow (or make you feel worse if you hated the film) Rob Zombie's Halloween II will apparently be relaunched across the pond for a limited release around the actual holiday…

[Source: Deadline Hollywood ]

Happy to see Halloween 3D on the back burner? Or frustrated?


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