Half-Life 2

Rumors have been rife that Episode 2’s more open landscapes will bring in a different style of action to the series, and finally we can confirm that Gordon will be tackling these larger planes in a rather nifty new vehicle. As yet unnamed, the car looks like the mutant offspring of a ’68 Dodge Charger and skeletal Jeep, its thick tires designed for off-road tomfoolery. This toy suggests that we should be in for the large-scale action everyone’s been hankering for since the series began.

Combined with the secrets revealed by the latest crop of screenshots, Episode 2 is showing itself to be all about scale; Bigger fights, more enemies and a huge rural playground in which to experience it. Extraordinary new physics modeling will see metal bridges buckling and collapsing as girders bend and rip apart, while wooden buildings explode into thousands of fragments when struck by the super-powered new weaponry. We’re absolutely certain that this is going to be something very special.


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