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  • To get Big Zam

    Finish easy mode
    Submitted by R.YUDISTIRA
  • To get Neuziel

    Finish normal mode
    Submitted by R.YUDISTIRA
  • To get Psycho mk 3

    Finish hard mode
    Submitted by R.YUDISTIRA
  • Super Move

    Press Down,Forward,Down,Forward + Punch
    Submitted by R.YUDISTIRA
  • Get Hydra

    To get HYDRA gundam you must beat the game on hard difficulty without dieing and continuing.
    Submitted by Matt Anderson
  • Treize's gundam

    Beat it on hard in under ten minutes
    Submitted by Travis Wilson
  • Different Colored Gundams

    On vs. mode hit start and the x button at the same time and the gundam will be a different color
    Submitted by wallas wilson
  • Get RX-79(Gundam)

    Beat Game with Quin Mantha after you get Big Zam and Nei Zuel
    Submitted by David Coon
  • Get Qubele Mark 2

    Go ro versus mode. Use the alternate colors code. Then choose Qubele.(note the opponent or second player might get the alternate colors)
    Submitted by Patrick Ness
  • Extra Thurst

    Press R1 and the Down and Right Buttons In This Order:Down,Right and R1 [or R2]
    Submitted by Jacob Aaron Chesley
  • Get Char's Zaku II

    While on the main screen highlight options and press: left, up, right, down, square, triangle, circle. You will hear a noise that confirms you have put in the code correctly. (he is only selectable in V.S. mode)
    Submitted by Snake13
  • General Anazable Zaku Gundam

    To get this mobile suit you must press left,up, right, down, square, triangle, circle after you hear the person say gundam battle assualt. You should hear a noise if you did this correctly.
    Only works in versus mode. its the gundam all the way to the right.
    Submitted by Anonymous
  • Get Gundam RX-78

    To get Gundam RX-78, you need to beat the game on any difficulty with Z-Gundam. Next beat the game on any difficulty with the Sazabi. While fighting as the Sazabi the RX-78 Gundam should appear. Beat him and finish the game. Once done the RX-78 Gundam should be selectable in the vs. mode.

    Note: You may need to fight many times as the Sazabi for him to show up.
    Submitted by Jon Hartman

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