Guild Wars Nightfall review

  • No monthly fees
  • Dervish and Paragon professions
  • Customizing your heroes
  • Frequent loading
  • Stale plot
  • Steep learning curve for PvP

The highly anticipated heroes also make their debut in Nightfall. Unlike henchmen - NPC characters who you could add to your party in the previous Guild Wars games - heroes are fully customizable, gain experience and level up alongside you as you complete the quests.

As you press forward through the story missions, you’ll acquire up to 14 heroes of various professions, and they add a much needed injection of personality to the banal plotlines and stale henchmen from Prophecies and Factions. Now, when you find a rare item that your character can’t use, you’ll almost certainly find a home for it in one of your heroes’ equipment slots.

Nightfall also incorporates the heroes into a new Hero Battle PvP mode. Now, for the first time, players can compete against each other in arenas without a team of real players. Instead, you’ll battle for control over various capture points spread throughout the map with your three favorite heroes. With the surprisingly competent AI of your heroes and the well designed movement and command options, this new mode breathes new life into Guild Wars ’ already intense PvP play.

Unfortunately, you’ll still pay the price for the lack of a monthly fee with Nightfall.  Although loading screens rarely last more than two or three seconds, they are frequent and occur anytime you leave a town or enter a new zone. This ruins the feeling that you’re playing in a persistent world and makes the game sometimes feel more like Diablo II than your average MMORPG as your interaction with other players is restricted to major cities and PvP arenas for the most part.

More Info

Release date: Oct 26 2006 - PC (US)
Oct 27 2006 - PC (UK)
Available Platforms: PC
Genre: Role Playing
Published by: NCSoft
Developed by: ArenaNet
ESRB Rating:
Teen: Use of Alcohol, Violence


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