Guild Wars: Eye of the North - interview

Dwarven boxing will be the new minigame that Ascalon’s down-to-earth race brings to the table. After learning the ropes of fist fighting, you’ll receive your first pair of brass knuckles and access to a chain of quests that’ll have you pummeling people left and right.

The boxing combat system works a lot like regular combat for Warriors. Throw light punches like jabs and hooks, and you’ll build up your rage meter which will let you unleash more devastating blows like uppercuts and head butts. What’s funny is that if you lose your energy, you’ll need to mash the “STAND UP!” skill to get your character back on your feet ala Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!

Above: Will you finally be able to give Gwen that broken flute and tapestry shred you’ve been storing in your bank for the last few years?

Also, remember Gwen, the little girl from the pre-searing Ascalon section of the first Guild Wars? She was just a kid then, a tool for teaching you how to fetch items and run quests. She was irritating, yet endearing. But it was the traces you found of her after the destruction of Ascalon that made her such a memorable character. Many found her broken flute after the idyllic city was left in burnt ruins and clung to her gift of a tapestry - which really served no purpose except perhaps to remind players of the climactic fall of Ascalon - long after they pressed on through the next campaigns.

There’s been a lot of fan speculation regarding how Guild Wars: Eye of the North spells “GWEN,” bringing back memories of the first game’s most memorable moment, and suggesting that she’ll somehow play an important role in the series’ conclusion and bridge to Guild Wars 2.

Well, it’s confirmed. Gwen is back, and she’s quite the badass. As leader of the Ebon Vanguard, expect Gwen to add some flavor - and drama - to your party, as her hatred of the Charr makes her a frightening force to contend with. It’s one of the many ways in which Eye of the North’s lore will bring things full circle.

Guild Wars players are counting down the days till Eye of the North’s August 31 release date, and if you haven’t logged on in a while, you can get a sneak peak of the areas you’ll be able to explore as the world map has been updated to show Eye of the North’s new content. While you’re waiting, visit the Images tab above for the latest screenshots and check out the art work for the Great Destroyers, the main villains of this expansion’s primary plotline.

Also, scroll down for more insights from Guild Wars’ designer, Ben Miller.


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