Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments launches, earn rewards based on achievements in original game

ArenaNet launches Hall of Monuments reward calculator

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Looking forward to Guild Wars 2? Head over to the official website and enter the name of your character from the first Guild Wars or Guild Wars: Eye of the North into the new Hall of Monuments reward calculator. From there, you’ll be able to see what kind of in-game rewards you can look forward to in Guild Wars 2 based on your character’s accomplishments in the earlier games.

Special titles, animal companions, miniatures, and even special weapons and armor pieces are a few of the Guild Wars 2 goodies that can be earned based on your character’s experiences in the first games.

Above: The Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator

The new calculator seems like a really neat way to reward longtime Guild Wars fans. But at the same time, since we haven’t played Guild Wars regularly in a while, we’re pretty curious to see what kind of rewards we might have waiting for us in Guild Wars 2.

Oct 8, 2010

Source: ArenaNet