GTHD is dead - Long live GTHD Concept

Even the fast straight is tricky - you come out of a demanding, blind entry, late apex double turn onto it, and there’s a huge jump in the middle. The fastest cars give little time between landing and heavy braking, so while that Ferrari might be powerful, it’s heavy and only has rear drive. The track’s trickiness means beating the nimbler, lighter, 4WD Lancer or Celica down here isn’t easy.

Brakes? Who needs brakes?

While the physics are undoubtedly enhanced - every slide just feels softer, fuller and more detailed than before - at this point it’s only a matter of degree. The jump shows the unconvincing flights and landings (and collisions, if you can’t stop) remain, but it always seemed PlayStation 2’s power was routed nearly totally into ground-based behavior. Surely PlayStation 3 has the grunt to spare for leaps and crashes now, and surely Polyphony has the time to make them work? Time will tell.


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