GTA IV trailer dissected

Then, of course, there's the plot, which everyone's been speculating about nonstop. Going by the trailer alone, it seems Niko's come to Liberty City seeking more than a fresh start from his life of Old World crime. He's out to take revenge, apparently on someone he's been chasing for 10 years - the "Special Someone" of the trailer's title. It could be central to the overarching "rags to slightly better rags" plot, or it could be just a side mission - given Rockstar's historic love of red herrings, it's hard to tell.

Above: Note the faded mural of GTA III's El Burro, just to the right of Niko's head

We're also curious to know how the other characters revealed in the trailer factor in - whose office is Niko visiting in the beginning, for example? We know it's not Roman's, because we've seen that place, and it's hella dingy. We're also curious about the African American guy who menaces Niko with a box cutter - given Niko's quick capitulation, he strikes us as less of a serious threat and more of an eventual ally whose trust you'll have to gain. And who's the woman with the accent? She could be a love interest, a relative or someone from Niko's dark past. We're also interested to learn more about the voice on the other end of the phone as the trailer concludes, although it's probably just one of a long string of underworld figures that Niko'll do business with. GTA games aren't really known for having small casts.

Then, of course, there's the insane amount of background detail revealed in the trailer. Right at the beginning, we're hit with a mockup of the Brooklyn Bridge that's accurate down to the small details, from its big two-lane thoroughfares and support cables to the pedestrian catwalk at its center. Then we're treated to a view from the inside of a skyscraper office (note giant cell phone ad), as well as a realistic tollbooth that'll apparently charge you $5 to drive through it. You can also clearly see shots of pedestrians smoking, ordering hot dogs, looking at Niko over their shoulders as he brushes by and - in one brief shot - kicking a homeless man on a basketball court. And through it all, Liberty City accurately reflects the gritty gray beauty of the real-life city it's based on.

Now that we've picked its bones clean and stretched out all the details, maybe you'd like to take a look at the trailer one more time, with all that stuff in mind? We'll save you the trouble of hunting for it. Here you go:



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