GTA IV - The guided tour

5) New content
Modification has been encouraged in GTA wherever it has been possible especially in terms of physical appearance, clothes and choice of ride, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility for this to be shared between users online. Then Rockstar themselves could add more cars, clothes weapons to keep the experience ever expanding.

6) The realism
Rockstar has been repeatedly talking about Liberty City feeling “real” and “authentic,” but how far will this realism go? Carjacking might involve breaking windows and hotwiring - will every activity require such detailed activity? Will the cars handle in the same exaggerated manner? Will you able to flaunt the law so freely? Or will this be a much more serious and uptight experience than before?

Conspiracy theories

Multiple characters
This would allow the game to be seen from several different angles, giving the player insight into the needs and motivations of different gangs and crooks. Perhaps there could even a playable character on the “right” side of the law. This would enable GTA to evolve beyond its cartoonish roots and enable them to tell the tale of Liberty City rather than just one man’s story.

You play as Roman
One rumor doing the rounds on the internet is that you only play as Niko in the game’s prologue and that he is killed trying to help Roman. From then onwards you play as the bumbling Roman who has to change his attitude to life and business in order to succeed - which means you see the formation of a criminal throughout the game, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Passers-by are the stars
A lot has been made about the Liberty City pedestrians and how sophisticated they are in terms of AI and abilities, so they could be there to do more than fill the streets. There’s speculation that some of these non-player characters could end up mugging you, jacking your car and beating you up on a whim.

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