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Known in GTA IV as Dukes

  • Geographically, Queens is the largest of the New York boroughs.
  • Home to two New York’s major airports - JFK and LaGuardia.
  • Queens is a commercial hub for many Chinese and Korean businesses.
  • It has large Italian, Greek, Polish and Hispanic communities, as well as some of the US’ most culturally diverse neighborhoods.
  • You’ll find Flushing Meadows here, the home of the US Open, New York’s other baseball team the Mets and the Aqueduct race track.
  • It’s connected to Manhattan via two bridges and the Bronx by three.

Name Game
Queens sounds quite regal and er… so does Dukes.

Known in GTA IV as Broker

  • With over 2.5 million residences, it’s the most highly populated of the boroughs and was once a separate city. Also known as the Borough of Homes and Churches.
  • It has the second largest financial district in the city. It had primarily an industry based economy, but this has now changed to a service-driven one.
  • There are many neighborhoods in the borough, each often very working class and culturally distinct from the last.
  • Brighton Beach has the largest concentration of Russian immigrants.
  • This is where you’ll find Coney Island, the old holiday resort that was home to the Warriors.

Name Game
A broker is someone who mediates between a buyer and seller in a business deal, so this could be a reference to Brooklyn’s strong financial and flourishing financial district.


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