GTA IV: First facts exposed

Grand Theft Auto IV's most intimate details have been exposed today, revealing specific features of what will undoubtedly be the most awe-inspiring game of the year - perhaps the decade. But we won't bore you with prose, instead we've blasted out a list of the boiled-down factoids below.

  • The lead character is called Niko Bellic, an Eastern European who comes to the US searching for the good old American Dream.
  • Niko's cousin Roman will provide the incentive for your early missions - he's lied to Niko about having a perfect life in Liberty City, when actually he's massively in debt and in trouble with vicious thugs.
  • Roman's dingy taxi firm is your initial base of operations, but you'll be able to live a far more flexible life and carve out your own path in ways we've not seen in previous GTA's.
  • Liberty City will change fundamentally when the sun goes down - with different pedestrians, and more dangers, appearing on the streets.
  • Four of New York's boroughs are fully replicated - Queens is "Dukes;" The Bronx is "Bohan;" Brooklyn is "Broker;" Manhattan is "Algonquin." Part of New Jersey is included as "Alderney."
  • There's nothing outside of Liberty City, with no empty countryside or desert areas. Rockstar instead is focusing on cramming every inch of the city with believable, dynamic life.
  • Pedestrians are aware of their surroundings, and you'll see lots of different faces doing lots of different things: smoking, sitting, talking on the phone...
  • Physics plays a huge part, with Niko's movements affected by the world around him - his walk, for instance, is influenced by the slope of the pavement, or any rubble on the ground.
  • Rockstar big cheese Dan Houser says: "The world is not designed to be a video game. We are trying to make a video game that feels like the world, but still plays like a video game."

Should you want to see the pages of Game Informer from where these details were teased, try looking at the naughty scans posted on the web by subscribers.

April 11, 2007


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