• CapableFurball - April 28, 2014 5:42 p.m.

    I would like to see in gta 6 different biomes like snow place where u can drive snowmobiles perforable Arctic Cat oh yeah and polaris. A desert where u can drive four wheelers. I didn't really like the four wheelers that were in gta V, I just didn't find them entertaining enough. A jungle where u can dig for gold and drive excavators and bulldozers and rock trucks. U should kinda make the game so it kinda like all over the U.S. I yeah u should add a place where u can go mudding and put like rock climbing walls for like a challenge for the vehicles. U should also add more tractors houses and more of a plain where u can actually plant and dig your own land. That's it for now I will add more stuff as I think of it and I hope someone from rock stars will read this and take it into consideration.
  • maliq-daniels - April 27, 2014 6:58 a.m.

    What i want is a 4 player co-op mode(for family like at the house) but if you get to far away from another player you can just split screen
  • lass-isolet - April 29, 2014 6:14 a.m.

    Dude i think that really hard to make on it I Suggest not to make it but thats your wish ^_^ but your wish is also great but the spliting screen thiny its hard how about the rockstargames will makin a 4 Player coop but not in the same TV but in 4 TV thats more better because it also look like a GTA Online but you only need 4 TV and 4 Playstation stick or XBox Stick... Because for me if im a player and there is a game that is 4 players but needed tobe spiltscreen I might have a really hard sleep because of headaches.... ^_^ this only my suggest Sir.... Im a Kid who loves to be a agme maker
  • GTALover4LIFE - April 27, 2014 1:56 a.m.

    i would like to see mudding in gta6, mud to drive through in gta6 and be able to get your car stuck in the mud and when it gets stuck you can go back to your safe house and get a lifted vehicle and a car trailer if needed when the other car breaks down and when you get to the other lifted truck that is stuck and be able to use the wrench or rope to pull the truck out or and other vehicle that gets stuck in the mud from the rain. it would make gta6 more fun
  • GTALover4LIFE - April 27, 2014 12:40 a.m.

    i would love to have the ability to save as many cars in the characters garage that u can fit. and save your cars our side the garage in the drive way or where ever around ur house in the yard or outside the yard parked on foot path or side of the road and to do so you will have to bring up ur phone and it will say (save on the spot) and will let u get out of the car when ready.
  • GTALover4LIFE - April 27, 2014 12:22 a.m.

    i would love to have real car sounds in gta6 a sound of a V8 engine or a turbo engine as mod for car customization and or alredy in some certain cars in the game
  • GTALover4LIFE - April 26, 2014 11:29 p.m.

    i would love to see a skool building in gta 6 with kids in it and a school bus too, those old classic long yellow buses with the nose part. and have a sand pit too like the simpsons school building
  • jamie-bateman - April 26, 2014 10:44 a.m.

    As you've seen a number of times everyone would like the 2 player option in gta 6 and also what would be the best thing is being able to be a cop in the option menu, you'd be able to give the tickets drive around and look for trouble arrest them an take them to the station in the back of your car, also have an assistant but we don't want to be a cop by pressing the analogue and going straight into a crime we want the chance to drive around and like I said give tickets to the ones you've spotted speeding or on double yellow lines, and the option to see house parties or teen parties at midnight in grove street or any street and the chance to go on holiday at a number of places right, I'm from the I.I I don't know what you think but we should be able to travel to the u.k on boat, plane, train ect. It would be nice if YOU ACTUALLY READ THIS because it's what is most WANTED.
  • GTALover4LIFE - April 25, 2014 10:21 p.m.

    i would love to see in gta6 a street filled with old looking houses and one of those old houses have a warning sign (do not enter this house) and a few cracked windows, old looking inside and haunted. just like the house in the movive ( Monster House) something like that. and have a haunted castle in gta6 with a graveyard at the back with chained up gates and walking trees in the yard. and skeletons all inside the castle and have a huge dragon.
  • GTALover4LIFE - April 25, 2014 9:56 p.m.

    i would love to have the ability to break down locked doors on buildings, houses and container ships and enter any room inside them
  • GTALover4LIFE - April 25, 2014 9:54 p.m.

    i would love to see haunted n wrecked houses in gta6, and having the ability to fight monsters, zombies, aliens ghosts and more. i would love to see living robots walking around in gta6 like more in a futuristic world but also a world we live in now with normal cars on wheels and maybe even have hover cars in gta6 and space ships.
  • GTALover4LIFE - April 25, 2014 12:25 a.m.

    i would love to see night clubs in gta6 like in gta4 instead of just strip clubs. there was 3 clubs in gta 4 around the pay n spray shop when playing gta4 the ballad of gay tony, and see night time house parties in gta 6 i would love to have the ability to make friends in story mode by walking up to any random pimp and make friends with them. i would love to have the weapons from all the previous gta games, and have the gun skills again like in gta San Andreas, when you have a pistol n you fire it alot, ur skill for that gun goes higher. and when you hit 100% u get a second pistol, one in each hand. It was the same for a few other weapons like the smg and a shotgun. and i would love to have realistic sound effects in gta6 when running someone over with a car and more blood graphics, when u hit someone with a vehicle u get blood all over the car, n when hitting alot of people u get more blood on the vehicle. and when u shoot someone from close up u get blood all over ur characters face. i would also like some skills when creeping up behind someone and u can grab them from behind n slit their throats, and the ability to pick them up in many ways like above the characters head or picking them up by their shirt lifting them up off their feet like in gta vice city stories.
  • GTALover4LIFE - April 24, 2014 7:28 p.m.

    i would love to see more major car customization's, more body customization and paintjobs n stickers. more rims, tyres, roof scoops, hoods. colour, window tint colours, tow bars, neon lights inside and underneath the car, nitro, hydraulics, miscs, bull bars, spot lights, chassis, wrench, roof racks and exhausts. Have the ability to customize trucks, vans, utes, buses and emergency vehicles in gta6 possible, customize any car u see. when theres an old rusty car n has no wheels doors or anything. the ability to take it to a work shop n get it fixed and fix the rust. and ability to use flatbed towtrucks realistically.
  • GTALover4LIFE - April 24, 2014 4:40 a.m.

    i would love to have the ability to have all the cities from previous gta games to come into gta 6 for one big map, n take a plane to each one of the cities and bring all the characters from previous gta games back into their cities and be able to meet them with the new characters and have the ability to change to all the previous characters from the previous gta games, even if they would be in their own home City. I love the car dlc's for gta5 like the huntley and turismo and other cars in gta5. but i want all the cars to look the same going into gta6 without and different models. Example: the huntley in gta5 got an update n looks different to the huntley in gta 4, and same with the blista car and the turismo, jester and the alpha got new looks in gta than san andreas model with u get what im saying. i want the both huntley from gta 5 n gta 4 back into gta 6, becoz they were my favourite cars ever!
  • GTALover4LIFE - April 24, 2014 4:30 a.m.

    in gta6 i would love to have the ability to have halloween theme modifications for cars making the cars look scary, as for christmas modifying the cars into christmas theme with dear horns or santas hat on to of a roof of a car, n when its easter, modify the cars in easter theme having bunny n eggs all over the cars for easter theme.
  • CoriMayhem - April 23, 2014 10:35 a.m.

    What I would like to see in GTA 6, would be: -Turn signals: I like to role-play in the Grand Theft Auto games as it adds more fun to when you're just cruising around in the cities or towns. -The ability to play offline and split-screen multi-player without having to go online all the time. It sucks to always have to go online in order to play with other players, because the online feature doesn't always work and it can be so boring, so please make the offline multi-player option actually possible. -More cars or vehicles that actually look realistic. The cars and vehicles in GTA V and every other game looked plastic to me. I would like real-life sports cars, muscle cars, and more. -More seasons and weather, like for Fall or Autumn, it can be Halloween in some places. There can be little kids and other people trick-or-treating along the streets and you can go explore those places that are giving out candy. The seasons or weather should change wherever you go. Like, if you were to go to Los Santos or some other place in GTA, the seasons and weather could change. -More places to shop around in. Gyms, houses and or apartments that you can own and go inside. It's really disappointing of how you can't even go in a huge amount of houses or apartments and even own them. Hell, you can't even go into restaurants to buy food or anything. It's like Grand Theft Auto IV all over again. -The cars or SUV's trunks should open. I've always wanted to play a video-game that had this feature where you can shop for food or whatever else from stores, and then put them in your trunk in order to bring them home. It's like real-life, and it would be so very entertaining. After all, video-games are for your own entertainment, so why not have this feature along with the turn-signal feature? -More weapons and more cheats that won't disable trophies or anything. Now, I get the whole "you shouldn't be worried about cheats or using cheats" thing, but cheats add more fun to the whole game. Vehicle cheats, money cheats, health and armor cheats, and more. There should be a taser that we can use as a weapon, as well. That would be awesome. -Ability to pose as a cop, pull people over, give out tickets, and frisk them. In order to do this, just like on, "The Sims", we can have a pop-up menu that gives us plenty of options to do whatever. That would make the whole "open-the-trunk" feature more easier to access, as well. -Airports that we can actually go in without ending up with a five-star wanted level. Airports where we can actually pick people up and take them to their destination or go to in order to go to our destination. That's another thing... wouldn't it be so cool if we had the ability to be bus-drivers, and more? That should be another feature. -More underwater marine mammals. Sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles, etc. Oh! We should be able to explore zoos or jungles and more. Like, we can view all of the zoo animals if we wanted to. -There should be more animals.... horses, dogs, cats, pigs, cows, wolves, etc. For the horses, we should be able to ride them and own them along with half of the things that you can actually own in real-life. -A bigger map. Yes, I do understand that GTA V's map was insanely huge already, but there should be a bigger map. Bigger map means for more places to go to and have fun at. -More carnival rides that you can actually ride on. Carnivals that you can go to, etc. For your own entertainment. -More people that you can date. There should be an option or another pop-up menu where you can talk to people and pick these choices of what to say or do, like on "The Sims". -More clothes, masks, hairstyles, etc. There should also be more mods of where you can customize your car. -I've been thinking about being able to have a speed-o-meter that you can actually look at. Speed-limit signs that you can go by. That would be an awesome feature to have. It would just add onto role-playing. -More exciting and/or thrilling missions and side-missions. -More banks or places that you can rob and if you have a disguise or something to wear you won't end up getting a five-star or any wanted level. Well, that's all I have for now.
  • GTALover4LIFE - April 24, 2014 4:27 a.m.

    I want all that to come to gta6 also have a real life calender of the year, have all 4 seasons. -Have for Christmas feature, it will snow n have houses with Christmas decorations. when its Summer, and if there is a beach, there should be beach parties going on and when its Spring. All the leaves and flowers will grow on trees n plants nice n fresh. -I would love the ability to play game machines in gta6 like that have had in gta San Andreas. or a gaming console for your characters TV. -I would love to have old classic cars and new cars or very very new cars into gta6. Like at some destinations on the map there will be old rusty cars, vans, buses, trucks and utes. I would love to have more tractors to drive, and some big weird looking ones and have a crop harvester, few different icecream trucks and more. Instead of having a few hundred of cars in gta6. why not have more close to a thousand. theres so much more cars i would love in gta 6. -I would love the ability to be come a cop in gta6 or anything like that in gta6. Example:Stores, road working, farming, delivery man and ect. -I would love the ability to have a house built for your character, have few plans of house you can have built for your character.
  • GTALover4LIFE - April 22, 2014 6:57 a.m.

    in gta 6, i would like to bring back the dating thing from gta San Andreas and gta 4. it was fun taking CJ's girlfriends out on dates in san andreas n improving stats with the gf's and achieving stuff as the stats got high example: when u get to 100% u get the keys to the gf's ride n u get an outfit too. i would love that to come back into gta 6, with bowling, pool table, darts and eating out. if its taking the characters boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband out on dates or taking friends out for activities. and more activties bring back from previous gta games such as, tennis, golfing, bowling, darts, pool table, drinking, eating out.and new one of baseball. i would like there to be more weather, or have seasons come into the game, have snowfall when it winter and having christmas theme, n have leaves from trees changing colour for autumn and have flowers growing when spring and and sunny when its summer. i would love these seasons come into gta6 having all days in yrs, and holidays celebrations such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. hope it would be possible to make gta more realistic than ever. becoz realistic makes it more fun.
  • zachary-epps - April 22, 2014 1:21 a.m.

    Honestly I would like gta 6 to be placed in a snowy environment like how it was in north yankton like it takes place in a snowy state like colerado
  • barnes840 - April 21, 2014 4:51 p.m.

    what i think should be in gta 6 is the two player option not like in gta S.A. but kind of like online option to where it is a splitscreen option and u can drive ur own vehicle's and u can run as far away from each other and make it a longer gameplay and put alot more better weapons like the vector kid and m27 or something and keep the gta online stuff but add more missions and more things to do online and instead of starting out with no garage or house give a new comer a small apartment and a small two car garage to start out with and i liked the option to where u have to pick to kill one of the gta story characters or not at all and one last thing make to where u can mod a diesel or bicycles or other big vehicles and add hydraulics like in gta san adreas and last but not least i would like more animals and wild/marine life and instead of puting buildings and stores that u cant go into put all of them to where u can go and rob banks without being on a mission and rob people's houses but dont put it where u can rob other people online and make things more realistic and keep or make a character like trevor the attitude not how he lives and that's it.

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