• lety-olvera - October 8, 2014 8:48 p.m.

    They should make where you have a family pets bad ass homes and cars where you can work put gas eat do everything like if it was real life
  • turk_16 - October 20, 2014 11:49 a.m.

  • mikeirvine - October 4, 2014 11:53 p.m.

    GTA 6 will be available with all the cheats :)
  • GameAdvisor - October 3, 2014 8:32 a.m.

    1. Gyms 2. Police 3. Multiplayer weekly events 4. More realistic cars and customization 5. Real life based fashion 6. A different location 7. A better combat experience 8. Multiple characters (including)Female protagonist 9. Natural scenes 10. Jobs (which give you money and respect)
  • john-henry-race-iii - September 30, 2014 1:57 p.m.

    I wish there would be school buses that you could drive kids around in, kids, school, jobs like cops and at stores bus drive firefighter . I wish that you had blinkers and had to get gas and speed limits that matter . I wish you could own farms that had cows horses pigs chickens sheep . make your house how you want it and have like dirt bike races on weekends and make it real weeks and days and have like different trucks like fords Chevy's , ford f150, ford 1500, dodge Dakotas and all that please please please do all this im dieing for this game please make im begging you I already beat 5 I have to beat 6 now and 7 then8 then 9 and then 10 and all beyond that please please do this thank you if you do !!!!
  • daniel-megson - September 16, 2014 10:36 a.m.

    GTA: London needs to be rebooted. The first was easily the most playable out of the first three GTA games published. Plus, so many amazing possibilities... Firstly, back to the 60's, allowing for a different time period. This, in turn, adds a different level of player communications (payphone or carphone being the only options) and would give a different pace and freedom to the game. Then, think of some of the awesome NPC's you could have; as London is the capitol, you could parody/spoof The Queen, Tony Blair, David Cameron, to name a few. As it would be a different time period, the characters would be parodies not copies. If that doesn't sell it to you, imagine Boris Johnson as an NPC! Then, imagine the buildings you could parody. Big Ben = Big Dong, for example. If you wished to merge the historical and modern worlds a bit, throw in The Phallus (The Ghirkin), or The O-Ring (The Millennium Eye). Plus, you have The Tube, London buses, and Black Cabs to add to the mix. London would allow for multiple terrains; water and ocean (The Thames, leading to the sea), air (several airports), country (surrounding countryside), and cityscape. You could even expand the concept (provided the No vote goes through this week so Scotland remains in the UK) and bring Rockstar home; GTA: UK as a massive online presence of the whole country! I would love GTA to cover England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales...
  • matty31 - October 13, 2014 4:43 a.m.

    I can already imagine the Daily Mail headlines.
  • BriceWgaming - September 13, 2014 noon

    One thing I want from gta6 is More planes, I mean in real we got the Fokkers. The skytrains, the Boeing's and even military Helos I think military Helios should let passengers shoot with some sort of machine gun to strafe enemies, and by more planes I mean Bigger planes, like the 400 passenger 747, it would only work with bigger maps, and I hope that they one day do something else than islands maybe they could do a huge map that covers north America. Also even though it's modern day, you should add older guns, and wouldn't it be sick if they added something else than a rhino, like an Abrams a t90 a kv1 Sherman leopard 2 etc. And the cropdusters should be able to drop pesticides, same thing with the stuntplane from gta sa. I also think that there should be more vehicles, because gta 5 only had a few models, maybe add 500 different cars to buy or steal and make it so if you can model your house unless it comes with stuff. And bring back the Fat and muscle thing from gta sa. And something cool would be a full sized bomber that drops a payload. And you could get a job for some place and get $ and you guys should bring back RC vehicles and add Military vehicle customization, like if u steal a humvee you could add. a 50 caliber on top or something.
  • Adrenaline4real - September 12, 2014 9:50 a.m.

    1: I think there should be the ability to buy a house that has multiple floors during offline. 2: Also the ability to buy any clothes for each character (including clothes from multiplayer) should be added, that would be really good. 3: Ability to create custom tattoo's would be good. 4: Expand the vehicle modifications just like the Need for Speed games, for example NFS Underground 2 where neon lights could be added, and the boot could be modded with speakers. and lots of different body kits. 5: I would also like to see lot more hairstyles and facial hairstyles available particularly for offline. 6: Would like to see cruise control imported for planes and cars. Be very useful when casually driving around. 7:Biggest change I would like to see is upgrade the police. Like to see realistic arrests and maybe fade out and back in at police station, maybe wind up in holding cell and have fights with other suspects. Like to see more police driving around on patrol. I would also like to see an in-game menu option to turn level of law realism up and down. For example police chase you for speeding, bit like in the Driver games. Would like to see real-life methods being used such as police cars boxing you in. Be nice to see choice to turn police helicopters on or off as well in offline. 8: Bring back realism physics of vehicles from GTA IV, much better in GTA IV than GTA V.
  • jeremy-ingraham - September 9, 2014 5:34 p.m.

    Also I really was extremely disappointed that GTA five that had failed to have real car physics I like the GTA 4 it was realistic. Grand theft auto four had better physics but not perfect but they were at least softer suspension on vehicle. And make sure you have better car collision detail.
  • jeremy-ingraham - September 9, 2014 5:26 p.m.

    They REALLY should have savable cheat codes in gta 6 as in phone numbers like gta 4 did. Because everyone was disappointed a lot with not being able to save your cheat codes in gta 5 :(
  • nmnicholson - September 4, 2014 8:51 p.m.

    1. I want to see more ways to make money. Like robbing banks off mission, having a job like joining the army, the police or doing something else to make money. 2. The ability to buy a house instead of being stuck with one. And in online the ability to buy an actual house instead of an apartment. Also being able to edit your house would be nice. 3. Adding any car\vehicle to your garage and customizing any vehicle 4. More things to do after story mode.
  • neil-papesh - August 24, 2014 8:31 p.m.

    I just want these thing to be for STORY MODE because you could not buy a houses, garages in story mode but you could buy them when you played online. 1.Buy houses, mansions, and garages 2. Customize any vehicles 3.Put any vehicles in your garages 4.Put as many vehicles in each garage as you want 5.Money cheat, or ways to make easy fast money 6.Customize the in side of your house,or tar the old one down and build a new one that you like 7.More clothes, and the characters or character should wear any fashion 8.Their should be some monster trucks, 1967 shelby gt500, hot rods, 1950's ford pickup truck,1950's chevy pickup truck, chevy SS camaros, 2013 shelby gt500 super snake 9.Dealer ships that you can walk in and buy your vehicles
  • kevin-zawila - August 16, 2014 3:04 p.m.

    More Guns, Activities, Vehicles, Clothes, Car Customization options, More missions, websites and turn signals! I know it sounds weird like (who the heck is going to use turn signals in GTA?) but I still think it would be cool to have accessible turn signals to use in cars.
  • ahsan-jahangir-mir - August 16, 2014 1:54 p.m.

    Everything should be available offline cars houses insurance everything plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
  • Lgmmrm - August 11, 2014 4:57 p.m.

    All I want is something that can be summed up in two words: Aircraft Liveries... I'm tired of all of my planes and helicopters having a set livery, make it where you can use something like the custom shops except for planes...
  • eddie-zigmann - August 10, 2014 8:32 p.m.

    1. Banks Make banks rob-able not just in missions. 2. Restate make more houses to buy and be able to buy furniture and such for it. 3. if you can have sex with prostitutes why not have an option to have sex with wife? 4. More places you can go into not just a few shops you can rob. like how about a whole 50 floor office to go shoot up. 5. integrate farming you have farms, why not let someone be able to run a farm. 6. Bigger worlds more then just 3 city's how about 10 and do some other area of the world other then the focus of the CA areas like most of the games take place. how about Ohio or Indiana or even KY for a change. 7. No more after being busted coming out of a jail if you are on so many stars how about having to break out of jail? 8. I agree I am a guy but how about adding a female person to the game and a choice of if you start as Male or Female 9. MORE MORE MORE MISSIONS!! 10. how about more choices in the game like at the start you choose who you start with and a story line? 11. how about do the side of the cops prospective like bad guy does missions to reform and even become a police 12. I'd also like to see them join with Steven Kings and do a horror based GTA call it like GTAH 1 start a horror based line.
  • saansch-vanzand - October 19, 2014 10:58 a.m.

    I like how you wish for another part of the World and all you "know" is 3 States of the US... How about Europe, Southern America or even Africa????
  • simplethunder - August 8, 2014 2:29 a.m.

    Gta6: All I wanted: 1. If you're on a vigilante mission (also called the cop mission) if you enabled the mission, you must go to the nearest cop station and change the uniform. It also must have somewhat "police backups" so that the game would be more realistic. And whenever the mission is done, change the uniform to the orginial by coming back to the police station lockers. Also the vigilante missions must not be only enabled when inside a police vehicle, but also must be in a police station. And of course, you can pull over them, make them pay of your choice (of course their must be a limit) and if they didn't paid, you can send them to jail. 2. Business - This would somewhat be nice to be added because you can earn money the easy way just by from a business. Not just by killing people. 3. Jobs - This would also make the game realistic even more! You can choose as a police, fireman, etc... This is my most favourite thing. And if you chose a job, for example, you chose a job to be a police, then a police uniform may be delivered to your wardrobe. And if you quit the job, the police outfit will be removed. Also add ranks on jobs. Example: Police to Detective, Detective to F.B.I and so on. 4. Closing time on shops - I don't know if this is somewhat added in gta 5/4 because I don't play on those but this is all I wanted. If the shop is closed, you can rob it and will make you have a wanted level when cauhgt. 5. Random events - This is also my favourite: for example: Police training outside the police station, president escort, beach parties, random hostages being held and some police came up to get it and so on (all the random events you know may be added). 6. Sleeping - The sleeping bar must be added will make the game realistic. The character must sleep on night IF the sleeping bar is not yet low. The character can also sleep on day and will add an energy to the sleeping bar. This must be set: 10 bars. If the player has 9 bars and sleep, it must only at least 1 hour (game hour) and if 8, 2 hours of sleep, 7 bars, 3 hours of sleep and so on until it reaches 0 bar. If the sleeping bar reaches 0, then he will fall and sleep on the floor (if he is outside) and if it's in water, of course he will fell asleep and chances are that he will get drowned and get wasted. 7. Hygiene - My opinion because in sleeping, if the player slept outside, he must get dirty and must take a bath in a safe house. If he.. HE is dirty, chances are people will get out of you and of course if a cop smells you, chances you may get a 1 wanted star just by nor doing a proper hygiene. 8. At least 150 missions - It would be great for it to have more missions. The more missions, the greater the game is. 9. At least 3 different cities which are not separated, example: gta san andreas has 3 cities (I guess) san fierro (Don't think so but it is located at the left side of the mal), las venturas (Just like san fierro, don't hink so too but it is located on top of the map), and the city under las venturas (I don't know the name). Well, they stick each other. The 3 different cities I mentioned was you need a boat or a plane to get to the other city. Also known as country because they are already separated so let's call it a country but with the same languages. 10. More planes, more boats, more cars, more bikes (not bikes that are cycled), more choppers - This would be perfect because you don't need to add this but add Planes like boeing, military planes and much more ( don't know some of the planes but please add more because I am already bored choosing the same plane. Boats like yachts, etc... 11. Controlable battleships with mission on it - One of my most favourite of all those I mentioned. All I like is that you can hire crews on the boat, by ships and be delivered on your purchased docks, controlable guns and can be fired. Well, this would be great if the player completed all the missions and got bored, he can go to this boat and go to a mission OUTSIDE the 3 countries. These will be unlocked if a mission is done (mission of your choice that would unlock the battleship thingy) 12. Hirable bodyguards - It would be nice because they protect you against those people who wanted to kill you. Also on this one, make sure that if the car is full, make the bodyguards get another car and follow you. Make sure the bodyguards will drive and of course they will follow driving and street rules, unlike dirty drivers like us :). And their must be an option: to drive for you or you will drive. If they drive for you, you must mark the map until you reached the destination. Be sure to remove the mark or they'll follow that mark IF you're on the vehicle. In this case, this must be completed by a mission but I will make an example of a mission for you :) : Bodyguards from nowhere (mission title). The job being a police officer will rank you and will have new uniforms but, if you just go to a vigilante mission, you will not be ranked

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