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  • adam-cicciarelli - October 27, 2013 10:21 a.m.

    what i want from GTA 6 is more realistic you have to obey the law like traffic lights, speed limits and cars it has windshield whippers and veichels it runs out of gas and u gotta get gas for them and you have car problems and gotta change the oil in them and pay insurance and pay bills at your house and i would love to see a gta you start at a baby then you grow up and learn how to drive like at the beginning of the game the husband and wife is at the hospital having you and you slowly start growing up and make the game really long that would be the best gta i would ever play
  • adam-cicciarelli - October 27, 2013 10:48 a.m.

    and you gotta sleep and eat and go to school
  • B0SS_DUD3 - November 11, 2013 5:22 p.m.

    If they made that I would buy every copy from game stop and burn them
  • bambi-garcia - January 8, 2014 4:50 p.m.

    Bruh what you want is mafia 2 and bully fused together
  • DJBrandywine - October 27, 2013 8:04 a.m.

    Gta 6 should be on zombies and be called gta 6 zombie outbreak cause the thug shit is to old allready. And a gta on zombies would be so bad ass.
  • joshua-bruning - October 26, 2013 2:42 p.m.

    What i want from gta 6 is that when you go to a custom all designs from every car is there and then you can tune it really good and also really fast
  • dana-luckett - October 25, 2013 7:29 p.m.

    I know I am being a pansy, but I don't like being a criminal in-game, at least unless it was for the greater good. I would like it if I had the option to not be so bad, if I had more choices that affect what type of character I am. That is the only thing that would make me buy the next game. Also, romance options would be exciting.
  • Casualgamer - December 18, 2013 4:52 p.m.

    i like your stye lol you should check out the true crime series and sleeping dogs. they are street crime games with the same concept as gta but with a moral gauge.
  • SDHoneymonster - October 25, 2013 1:22 p.m.

    Personally don't think we need a new location, just maybe to somewhere like Vice City or Las Venturas, somewhere we've only been once. Would love to see Vice on today's beefed up hardware.
  • joshua-bruning - October 24, 2013 6:14 p.m.

    What I want from gta 6 is that you can be a cop get bigger and more garages like in gta 5 online. And that you can fly up to space without loading and instead of mods like in gta 4 just cheats. Soooo coooooll
  • joshua-bruning - October 24, 2013 6:09 p.m.

    How to doesn't like trevor in gta 5. Trevor is the best
  • trent-thomas - October 24, 2013 7:08 a.m.

    1st of all part 9 "More grounded and believable" wtf are u talking about, this is more grounded and believable than any other GTA in existence, and part 10.....What!....if u want to play as the stupid president then go play shitty toy Saints Row, we dont need that bullshit, most of what u say i agree with, When they release these games they ought to have a PC version ready im not fond of using a controller to aim a gun, without auto lock its kind of hard to be really accurate, but at the same time i dont like driving cars with the computer keyboard, they need to implement mouse steering for GTA , it works very well in ARMA franchise.....Only thing we need is a Cyber Punk GTA its been long over do, the only problem is GTA bases everything off of real life....hence all of their cars are based off real cars, so how will they keep it fresh with tons of made up concept cars...and futuristic weapons...
  • joshua-bruning - October 23, 2013 7:37 p.m.

    I think in gta 6 online you can rob banks and in single player free roam. Or snowboarding down a mountain and have change weather or wait just like in fallout. So coooooll
  • young-jet - October 19, 2013 7:17 a.m.

    what i want GTA 6 is thatt i want everything to be Realism , for example they should have any type of animal in their and the city should have 50 states in their to make the game more fun and also the houses should be like Realistic so any neighborhood we could just knock the door and let them open it , Everything in this world GTA 6 should have it , that will be a beast so the game people will never get tired of playing it, :) I Hope ya'll like my Thinking for GTA 6 What needs to be their . Thank you
  • hamoodi-abo-shab - October 18, 2013 2:42 a.m.

    GTA 6 never going to be released until you dumbfucks stop ruining the game and some shitty "SHITS WE NEED" just fuck off.
  • bird-clarkson - October 15, 2013 6:48 p.m.

    When will we ever be able to go up into space...the game keeps pushing the hight limits, well I can't see why it would be far fetched to be able to fly a space ship into space, skydiving from a satellite would be epic, If a guy can do it from close to the brink of space in real life I know Rockstar can make added content that will allow this.....But after going so high in the blimp I just figured why not be able to take it to the next level. Missions on a space station would be epic, such as having to rob the station of a prototype weapon.....No game has traveled from earth to space without could be worth a look
  • Bossy - October 16, 2013 7:36 p.m.

  • deshan-courtney - November 4, 2013 8:47 p.m.

  • Bossy - October 15, 2013 4:02 p.m.

    They should make it that you can custom all vehicles awesome cheats like tsunami waves ufos and that you can fly up in to space can demolish buildings can play as any of the old toons can put nitro on cars awesome weapons like swords so you can chop peoples heads off sleage hammer chain saw bring back the rocket launcher even knuckle busters boxing gloves can fly a rocket up into space better cloths better cars!! Put more gangs in it put a girl toon in for once can custom your own house can go back to old areas like vice city just have to catch plane or somthing best ideas ever!!!
  • terrormiah - October 14, 2013 1:09 p.m.

    Why just one female protagonist? Crazy I know but, it's also been 15 years and the only playable female character has been a voiceless online avatar.
  • Reddrick - October 14, 2013 1:31 a.m.

    first of all something similar to gta 5 but with las venturas and the other city, also be able to go to vice and liberty city and bring back gang wars. keep custom cars. be able to buy houses garages businesses and gang buildings like in vcs. custom characters, all the main characters from the games that survived in this game, completely progressive gameplay (you fail a mission and it changes the storyline. and the most important thing WORLD DESTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEAAAAAAA!!!! AHHAHAHHA!

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