Available on: PS1, PC

Grid Runner Cheats, Codes & Guides

Grid Runner Cheats

  • Level Codes:

    10ý 1881399214: forge
    11ý 3873611174: trepidaria
    12ý 2447659415: iris
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  • All Flags Mode

    Choose "Start Game" from the main menu,then choose "Restore Game" and accessthe "Enter Password" screen. Enter the password: Down, Triangle, Right, X,Right, Up, Right, Circle, X, Down and press START to return. Now start thegame and you'll find that you have to capture all of the flags on eachlevel instead of the usual designated number.

    "Free-For-All" Mode

    Access the "Enter Password" screen as described above, enter the password:Up, Triangle, X, Right, Up, Triangle, Circle, Down, Right, Down and pressSTART to return. Now start the game and you'll find that neither playeris "it" and you can both capture flags at any time.

    "Grid Racer" Mode

    Access the "Enter Password" screen as described above, enter the password:X, Triangle, Right, Square, Right, Up, Down, Triangle, Right, Down andpress START to return. Now choose "Two Player Start" from the current menu.At the "Two-Player World Select Screen", You'll find three new worlds called"Grid Racer-Round 1" trough "Round 3". Choose one of these worlds and you'llbe playing as race cars; cross the finish line on each lap to capture a flag.
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Available Platforms: PS1, PC


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