We’re promised GRID will concentrate on all the atmosphere that goes with a genuine race day, so expect to stoke up heated rivalries with competitive AI drivers and to tune your car so it’s just right for the race ahead. Here are five reasons GRID may seriously rip up the streets:

The trackside gatherings we’ve seen so far in GT5 have been anemic compared to GRID’s packed environments. We’ve yet to see if they’ll be animated, but the sheer number of folk makes for an atmospheric setting.

Codemasters are competing against Need For Speed and Juiced by including modified cars, street racing and drift challenges. We’re promised the usual variety of vehicles, and it’s nice to see different race types. It should be plenty varied.

With multiple camera angles and - we’re hoping - editing tools, GRID could provide some beautiful replays indeed. We’d be extremely surprised if there isn’t an online option to allow you to upload your best movies.

The detail in the surroundings is awe-inspiring. Check out how beautiful those buildings look in the screenshots. Sure, all of this is purely cosmetic, but compare this to the dull visuals of many racers. It’s loads better.

Opposition AI
Some racers will go to any lengths to secure their place in the race, including shunting their enemies off the track and into other cars. This adds character to your rivals on the track and should make for some exciting races.