GRAW 2 - updated impressions

Lastly, but best of all, you can use the “Buddy Cam,” a small controllable camera mounted on each of your Ghosts’ helmets, to both watch over and command them. This isn’t direct control, you’re just giving orders, but in some ways it’s better. You can trust the AI to spot any enemies that come into range, and you don’t have to look in the same direction: while your ghost is watching where he’s going, you can be watching his back.

With the proper tactical stuff back in place, GRIN decided to find a way to make it work in multiplayer too. Put the “host” back into Ghost Recon, if you will. Hence the new Assault vs Recon mode: one team plays the Mexicans, with noisy, vicious firepower, while the others play the Ghosts with the high-tech stealth equipment of the single-player game. While the Mexicans can respawn, Ghosts stay dead; but they can, cleverly, use the Buddy Cam to keep watch over live comrades, warning them of danger.


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