Gravity Rush: ghost traveler locations and hidden bosses guide

Find all 16 travelers and beat 3 hidden bosses for 4 shiny trophies

In a game where up and down are whatever you make of them, it can be easy to lose your bearings. Not that we have anything but complete love for this unique and incredible Vita adventure, but mere the act of following a waypoint in Gravity Rush can seriously rumbly your tumbly. Add tracking down hidden things and fighting enemies more difficult than the final boss to that, and, well... Don’t worry; we’ve filled at least six chuck buckets putting together this guide in the hopes you’ll have an easier time earning your trophies.

Table of Contents

Auldnoir, Rift Plane: The Ruins, Pleajeune, Rift Plane: The Inferno

Endestria, Rift Plane: The Mirage, Vendecentre, City at the Edge: Boutoume

Hidden Bosses