Gran Turismo HD - hands-on

We wind around a mountain rally course in the beautifully dull Tokyo Game Show demo

It's been four months since we first saw Gran Turismo HD's gameplay make its surprisingly boring debut at Sony's press conference, with boring footage of cars crawling around beautifully detailed - but somehow lifeless - racetracks. If that looked like your kind of thing, however, then we're happy to report that the playable version of HD has pretty much the same vibe.

Don't get us wrong - HD looks fantastic. Essentially an overhauled version of Gran Turismo 4, this meticulously realistic gearhead sim features sweet-looking tracks and spectators who look considerably better than a lot of PS2 action-game characters we've seen. It'll feature a ton of licensed cars, too, all of which look near-indistinguishable from the real thing.


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