Gran Designs - Day two: Gran Turismo 2

Special Editions

Over the years, GT has been pimped, modded, whored out and broken apart into many mini promotional versions. This is how Sony sold its high-octane supercharged heart to the high bidders (note that few of these arrived on US shores. Dammit):

Gran Turismo Concept:
2001 Tokyo Collection

WHY? Promoting cars at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show. Later released on sale - but only in Japan.

Gran Turismo Concept:
2002 Tokyo-Seoul
WHY? Introduced a collection of Hyundai cars and helped promote the Korean launch of PS2.

Gran Turismo Concept:
2002 Tokyo-Geneva
WHY? Had a whopping 65 cars and gave us something new to drive for very little money.

Gran Turismo 4 Prologue
WHY? A teaser trailer for GT4. Released so far in advance of the final game that it had changed loads when it actually arrived.

Gran Turismo Special Edition 2004
Geneva Version

WHY? A special promo version of GT4 featuring two new Toyota models.

BMW 1-Series Demo Disc
WHY? An extremely rare disc containing four new BMW 1-series cars and three GT4 tracks. Handed out to car buyers.

Nissan Micra Demo Disc
WHY? Same as the BMW pack, only designed to be given out to Micra fans for free in Europe.