Gran Designs - Day three: Gran Turismo 3

And the number of cars and tracks was lowered from GT2’s massive highs, seeing GT3 come in with around 180 motors and 20 tracks. International editions of the game would shuffle those numbers about a bit, but there remained much less content in here than GT2 managed. Not that we cared - GT2 ’s ridiculous 40-odd Nissan Skyline variations was taking the whole thing a little bit too far.

Oil changes, the Porsche 911 and a country-based shop organization system were among the changes, but GT3 was all about one thing - showing people that PS2 was the most powerful games console you could buy.

Overall, there was very little to moan about. GT3 had fewer cars and the same old lovable GT flaws, but it was what we wanted - a hot-looking Gran Turismo game on PS2. It was a done deal, and nearly 15 million people around the world bought it, making it PS2’s best-selling game. Yes, even more than Grand Theft Auto.


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