Gran Designs - Day three: Gran Turismo 3

Released: July 2001
Cars: 180
Tracks: 20
Music: Jimi Hendrix, Snoop Dogg
Average eBay price: $14

What about PSP GT?

Announced way back with the PSP in 2004, the world was gagging for a bit of GT on their new PSPs, and Sony was promising it’d be exactly like PS2 GT4 as well. Except it didn’t appear. And still hasn’t appeared. Worse still, Polyphony seems to be back-pedalling on its release date. Series creator Mr Yamauchi also asked the following question in a recent interview; “Which would you like to have first - a PS3 version of Gran Turismo or a PSP version of Gran Turismo?” Obviously we’d like both. That’s a stupid question. Hire more staff and make both and stop moaning.

To add further insult to injury, Polyphony shat away millions of man-hours making PS2 bike-racing game Tourist Trophy as well. Then it moved onto Gran Turismo HD. Poor old GT4 mobile has been long forgotten. Or was just one big lie all along.You decide.

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