Gran Designs - Day four: Gran Turismo 4

Photo Mode

Genius. Awesome. Pretty. And a great way to spend hours and hours of your life lining up photos of the ordinary cars you’ve somehow fallen in love with. GT4’s Photo Mode was one of the game’s only genuinely new features. There were special unlockable cars you could only use in Time Trial and Photo mode, making that shot of your rare, recently unlocked Model T Ford all the more special. A stunning looker.

Released: February 2005
Cars: 721
Tracks: 51
Music: Franz Ferdinand
Average eBay price: $15.75

The imitators
The games you didn’t bother with as they were poor imitations of GT4 ’s greatness.

Enthusia, Konami
Jesus, this was a boring game. The vehicle physics were excellent and you could spend hours donutting, screwing around and relentlessly crashing, but that’s all you’d want to do. Even more hardcore than GT, it had its place - just not in one of our game collections.

Driving Emotion Type-S, Square
We felt plenty of emotions playing this - frustration, anger, boredom, and a dose of bewilderment that this was made by Squaresoft, the Final Fantasy creators. A racing game made by RPG experts? It was trash, predictably.

R: Racing Evolution, Namco
A quite decent attempt from Ridge Racer maker Namco. Mixing real cars with Namco’s trademark Japanese babes, R: Racing is a completely inoffensive GT copy and not a bad game. Braking assistance and rally races made it a lot of fun to play. Lovely.


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