Gran Designs - Day four: Gran Turismo 4

The fourth title in the series was a labor of love. Twenty programmers, 40 artists and another 20 or so pen-pushers all came together under the guidance of Mr. Yamauchi to create Gran Turismo 4. It was delayed to hell - but we didn’t really care. It had its online options removed, but we didn’t really care either.

The game mechanics were the same, and perhaps too similar to previous games. Common complaints like lack of car damage, no damn Ferraris, and the robotic enemy drivers weren’t addressed, but hey. GT4 looked great, and had the staggering Photo Mode that pushed the PS2 further than any game before or since. Plus - it had quite a few cars in it.

Over 700 vehicles to be precise, making it a colossal game absolutely rammed with stuff to do and earn. It had the Nurburgring, the world’s favorite playground for cars and while Yamauchi may well have said the team had “upgraded the car physics to the second version, like a full model change,” it still felt the same to us.

Behind the scenes we had five license areas each packing 17 tests, with Special Conditions races on ice and rainy tracks, plus an insane 24-hour Le Mans option for crazy people. GT4 was the game GT3 should have been. Cars galore, sexy as hell and all-around amazing. There’s no way this will ever be topped on PlayStation 2.


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