Gran Designs - Day Five: Gran Turismo HD

So that’s it. One track you can drive around forwards or backwards, with ten tweakable cars, plus Time Trial and Drift Trial options and replay sharing for top racers. There’s not a huge amount to do once you’ve finished gaping at how awesome the whole thing looks, but as a visual teaser of what GT5 is going to look like... let’s just say we’re hotter for it now than we were before.

As for the 1080p business that everyone’s making so much of a fuss about? You need an HDMI cable to enjoy full HD GT, and if you do... it’s nice. Hard to notice that much of an improvement over 720p, but it’s still damn nice - and kicks the hell out of the disappointing Ridge Race 7.

So, GT HD is a small package, but it’s completely free - so how the hell can we complain about that? It looks amazing and is definitely PS3’s prettiest game so far, which makes GT HD one hell of a promising sign of the great things that will be coming our way over the next couple of years.

GT5 Clues
So what can we learn about GT5 from this demo?

Flashy cars
Finally we’re allowed to drive the red monsters in a GT game. This is a dream come true. Expect GT5 to add more specialist sport car brands - and kick out some of the boring Japanese family saloons.

Online Features
Currently, all you can do in the GT HD demo is download replays of the top ten racers in the world. It’s a good start - but if GT5 doesn’t support full online racing there will be hell to pay.

More tuning options
You can choose from nine tire types in GT HD. Which is nice, but we’d expect to see much more in the way of car modding in GT5. It is, after all, what Gran Turismo is built for.


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