Gran Designs - Day Five: Gran Turismo HD

Sadly, the online effort - like a lot of these early PS3 games - isn’t particularly great. There’s no racing online in this demo, proving that, once again, series creator Polyphony Digital either doesn’t get or simply can’t do online play. It’s a shame, but at least some effort has been put into the network stuff for this demo - you can download replays from the world’s best racers.

And when you do download a replay it’s there, on your PS3, just like one of your own saved races. So you can pause it, select camera angles, speed up the action and press triangle to get a flashy close-up view of your car. As far as standard replays go, it’s great. It’s just a shame that all you can do online is get replays of other races sorted by car types. 

And you only get to see the ten best replays, so there’s no spying on your friends’ performances further down the league. Still, it’s awesome to be able to see the world’s best players in action, plus you get to view each racer’s set-up before the replay starts, so you can see what tires they were using and if they were man enough to be using manual transmission.

Speaking of which, there are quite a few tuning and tweaking options to mess around with in GT HD that let you experiment with Polyphony’s new physics and handling stuff. You can choose between nine different tire types for your front and rear wheels, plus you’re also able to turn on or off the Stability Management system and the Traction Control can be tuned from 0-10, depending on how much sliding around you want to endure.

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