Gran Designs - Day Five: Gran Turismo HD

Well, this was an unexpected surprise. Sony generously decided to hand out a completely free, ten-car and one track teaser demo of Gran Turismo HD to any PS3 owners who wants it. Granted, this isn't GT 5 - it's just an enhanced version of GT 4 - but we'll take it.

Your prize for waiting for 650MB to download is a clearly beautiful race game that, and we’re not exaggerating, looks streets ahead of anything else available. The cars are fantastic models and they look incredibly sharp. There are no jagged edges here, nor are the crowds that watch you race flat. The spectators are rounded individuals, all 3D and huddled together in groups, pacing around, waving and setting off their camera flashes when you approach - they look stunning.

It’s a bit odd that the crowd members don’t react, move or panic when you come flying sideways through the air toward them at 120mph, but still. When you’re powersliding around a corner and the camera provides a nice roadside shot of the race fans watching the action, you’ll be pretty impressed.

The game is smooth. You’d expect that of PS3. The track reflects light gloriously, the backgrounds are epic mountains that loom into view impressively - we’ve not seen anything other than a rock solid framerate. Even at 1080p “full” hi-definition. If you’re worried about PS3’s power, don’t. It is clearly capable of doing more than any other console.


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