GR weekday giveaway: Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online codes for 360 and PS3

Fighting and friendship. That’s what today’s special weekday giveaway is all about. The recent release of Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online on XBLA and PSN is exciting news for fighting fans – and we want to offer you a chance to download it for free. Entering is easy, but our supply of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 download codes are limited. So scroll down to find out how to win.

As far as Street Fighter games go, Third Strike will be especially appealing to more hardcore fans. Don’t expect any lucky wins when playing online. Parrying is key and whiffed attacks will not go unpunished. Playing into Third Strike’s more technical gameplay, Capcom has also introduced the fan-made netcode system GGPO into the game. This is a first for Capcom – and adopting GGPO helps ensure fewer visual hiccups when playing against someone with a slower internet connection. So here’s hoping to fewer instances of losses due to lag.

Above: GR sits down with Capcom’s Derek Neal to play some Third Strike Online. Read our review for our final verdict

Still want a free download? Great! Just leave a comment on this article and tell us if you’d prefer a 360 code or a PS3 code before 9:00 am (Pacific Time) on Thursday, August 25. Winners will be selected at random and will receive a private message from one of our administrators tomorrow with the code.

Good luck!

Aug 24, 2011


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