Golden Joystick Awards 2012: Ultimate Game of the Year category – who are you voting for?

Today is the official last chance to vote for this year’s Golden Joystick Awards. If you haven’t already voted, make sure you do it now before it’s too late. To conclude our look at each of the GJA categories, we make our picks in the biggest category of the lot - Ultimate Game of the Year.

Ultimate Game of the Year category shortlist:

Who are we voting for?

Matt Cundy (UK Editor): Journey. Proving games are capable of so much more.  

David Houghton (UK Associate Editor): Batman: Arkham City. It's damnably hard to choose between Bats and Journey, but as a lifelong Dark Knerd the impact of Rocksteady's sequel is still reverberating with me a year later. It simply gets everything right. Mood, tone, character psychology, gameplay evolution, affecting storyline... It's just one of the best adaptations of Batman in any medium. Ever. Not to mention one of the most beautiful and masterful uses of the Unreal Engine 3 ever seen.

Justin Towell (UK Content Editor): It’s got to be Skyrim. No other game sunk its teeth into me as much as this one… nor as often if we’re going to include the dragon fights. There’s honestly not much more I can imagine this generation of consoles delivering in terms of detail in such a large-scale world. Making your own adventure or following the tighter-paced and scripted storyline is equally enthralling, not to mention seeing dragon bones crawl from the ground and come to life. Man, what a game.

Those are our picks for Ultimate Game of the Year, but what about you – who are you voting for? Tell us in the comments.

Head to Golden Joystick Awards to vote. Voting closes 22 October. The Golden Joystick Awards 2012 take place 26 October.

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  • mentalityljs - October 22, 2012 5:12 p.m.

  • Talvari - October 22, 2012 2:02 p.m.

    No Xenoblade Chronicles? :| Shame since i don't see any other JRPGs there. Since i can't pick that it'd have to be Skyward Sword or Dark Souls for me. As a single experience i'd go with Skyward Sword though.
  • Fuzunga - October 22, 2012 11:02 a.m.

    Somebody please explain to me why a "year" isn't from January to January.
  • winner2 - October 22, 2012 6:55 a.m.

    Skyrim or dark souls for me. Can't decide.
  • shawksta - October 22, 2012 6:42 a.m.

    Initially, im stuck between Skyward Sword or Batman Arkham city, both were just amazing and fun, but apparently Kid Icarus Uprising is in the list, and that game is one of my GOTY for 2012. God darn it, it's gonna be harder to choose now.
  • crazor89 - October 22, 2012 4:43 a.m.

    As much as I enjoyed Arkham City and ME3 it just has to be Skyrim for me. As I've said in previous comments, I've sunk well over 100 hours into the game completing quests, trying out different character builds and just exploring and enjoying the world.
  • Clovin64 - October 22, 2012 4:37 a.m.

    Is a damn hard choice, but Journey gets my pick. I'm going to ignore the whole "games are art" debate and just say it was a phenomenal little game. The soundtrack was was beautiful, the vaguely hinted story was intriguing, the co-op aspect was surprisingly capable of creating a bond between you and a nameless player, and the ending was perfectly handled. As for the visuals? Ye Gods, there are no words capable of doing them justice. Journey was an incredible experience, and I savoured it all the more knowing our chances of getting another Team Ico game are very slim indeed.
  • Redeater - October 22, 2012 4:24 a.m.

    "HMV presents"? That's pretty funny. Our HMVs when from selling tapes to CD's to DVD's to videogames to Twilight and Russel Brand Books. ...I don't go into HMV anymore.
  • DrFred79 - October 22, 2012 2:34 a.m.

    Half of those games were from 2011 right ? Are we voting for last year now ?
  • azureguy - October 22, 2012 3:16 a.m.

    I know, it's very confusing. Appearently the voting for the Golden Joystick Awards is done in October, so any games released in November and December count for the next year to get a full 12 months worth of releases. Well, at least it's gonna be interesting. The Game of the Year category has Syrim, Batman, Diablo III, Battlefield 3, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Mass Effect and Uncharted listed, among others. Talk about overkill.
  • DrFred79 - October 22, 2012 3:44 a.m.

    But I want to vote for Borderlands 2 !!! T_T