Golden Joystick Awards 2012: Best Mobile/Tablet category – who are you voting for?

As voting for the Golden Joystick Awards 2012 enters its final weeks, we take a look at each of the individual categories. Today is the turn of Best Mobile/Tablet category.

Best Mobile/Tablet shortlist:

Who are we voting for?

Matt Cundy (UK Editor): Gridrunner. Mega nostalgia vote for me as I remember it first time round and this update is perfect bliss psychedelic eye custard with bleepy noise and shoot-shoot skill brain. Also, I met Jeff Minter once (he the man who made Gridrunner) and he gave me some wool from his sheep. So I owe him.

David Houghton (UK Associate Editor): It's LostWinds all the way for me. Being the sequel to one of the Wii's best and most under-appreciated gems, it's a 'proper' game in an area where polished but slight works are usually deemed enough. It's a game dripping with love, creative attention and smart mechanics, and for the less than the price of [insert iPhone pricing cliche here] that's nonsense-value.

Justin Towell (UK Content Editor): Infinity Blade II or Temple Run? Wow, that’s a tough decision. I think I’ll have to go with Temple Run. For starters, Infinity Blade II only tweaks the formula of the landmark original, whereas Temple Run saw proper, genuine addiction symptoms in my house when I discovered it. Also you can play it and play it without buying anything with real money, which is just awesome. Especially as it deserves your money for being so great. It didn’t get my money, but it does get my vote.

Those are the mobile/tablet games getting our votes, but what about you – who are you voting for? Tell us in the comments.

Head to Golden Joystick Awards to vote. Voting closes 22 October. The Golden Joystick Awards 2012 take place 26 October.

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